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As Marin County’s only historically Black town, Marin City has a rich legacy of resilience and challenge. From its growth as a World War II shipbuilding center to its architectural landmarks to its rapidly diversifying population, Marin City has a unique identity within Marin County, one too little known or understood for far too long. Marin City black residents have tackled interconnected issues dealing with African American history, systemic racism, housing inequity, gentrification, the collapse of the middle class, and community resilience.  


The MCHPS will provide a home and a channel for the growing ideals of inclusion, preservation, and community empowerment. The Society will preserve and house artifacts and develop and disseminate narratives centered on the lived history of Marin City’s residents. Linking past to present, the Society will shine a light on historical realities and ongoing community needs to strengthen family bonds and cultivate respect. 


This new Society will honor the past and work with current residents to build pride in the community’s legacy and present-day potential.
In particular, the Society will engage Marin City’s young leaders, further instilling a sense of place and a deep understanding that they and their community matter. 


Coming to Marin City in the Early days of World War II... Annie Small & Rodessa Battle.

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